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cast William Hamilton

Avital Levy

Countries USA

Genre Documentary

runtime 24 m

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Countries - Italy / runtime - 1 h 56 minutes / Writers - Santiago Amigorena / Liked It - 1683 vote / Genres - Drama Read more

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— User ratings=6,9 of 10 / Actor=Damon Demarco, Hunter James / 46 min / year=2006 Read more

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— Abstract=In pre-colonial times a peddler crossing the savanna discovers a child lying unconscious in the bush. When the boy comes to, he is mute and cannot explain who he is. The peddler leaves him with a family in the nearest village. After a search for his parents, the family adopts him, giving him the name Wend Kuuni (God's Gift) and a loving sister with whom he bonds. Wend Kuuni regains his speech only after witnessing a tragic event that prompts him to reveal his own painful history. runtime=1 hour 15 m. Tomatometer=7,8 / 10. 192 Vote. director=Gaston Kaboré Read more

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Release Date=1985

director=Robert Michael Lewis

tomatometer=6,8 of 10

Stars=Lynne Moody, Ben Vereen

duration=1 Hour 37 Minute

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runtime=100 Minutes; USA; Ben Kingsley, Gabriel Byrne; Two media moguls get into a nasty power struggle for the ownership of a pro football team which takes a drastic effect on their personal and professional lives; director=Stephen Surjik Read more

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audience Score - 191 votes

Stars - Gaël Maleux, Gabriel Da Costa

country - Belgium

Creator - Laurent Micheli

Duration - 1hour 35 minute

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rating - 13821 vote; writed by - Robert Altman; Genres - Comedy; Prêt-à-Porter is a movie starring Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, and Marcello Mastroianni. A chronicle of the interconnected lives of a group of people in the lead up to Paris Fashion Week; directed by - Robert Altman Read more

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— Movie info Henry Dunant, son of a Geneva francophone upper class bourgeoisie family, works for a Swiss exploitation company in French Algeria; when the colonists are thirsty, he returns determined to convince the firm and emperor Napoleon III to build a dam for them. After his Uncle, Dr. Hubert Dunant, diagnoses him not with Algerian typhus, just malaria, also his first meeting -dropping drawers in hospital for a shot- with nurse Cécile Thuillier, and meeting his careerist brother Daniel's fiancée, Léonie Bourg-Thibourg, daughter of the firm's boss, the board approves his plan. On his way to the emperor, who didn't even concede to receive him, Henry gets stuck in Castiglione, part of the Austrian province Lombardy which French troops came to 'liberate'; his Geneva friend Dr. Louis Appia saves his life by presenting him to suspicious Austrian troops as his medical assistant, and he soon gets passionate about senseless cruelties of war while helping out with what he learned from grandpa. Cécile, part of a godsend shipment of Swis staff and supplies, becomes his right hand and true love. After French troops take the village and reinstate senseless abuses, his letters home, published in Geneva by family friend journalist Samuel Lowenthal, whose newspaper gets attacked too, the unprecedented shocking first-hand truth about war cruelty, start enough public commotion to make his plans eventual turn true in the form of the now worldwide indispensable, strictly neutral humanitarian last resort for all in need, the International Red Cross, named after the symbol Dunant devised by painting in blood the Christian symbol French and Austrians had in common as Catholic nations to safely evacuate from Castiglione Country Greece runtime 1 H, 39 Minute Score 167 vote Genre History Read more

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— Country=UK
directed by=Dave Lambert
39 votes
genre=Short, Documentary
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— Christopher George / year=1980 / rating=6,3 of 10 star / 99 m / writed by=James Glickenhaus Read more

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— Director: Zac Adams; Genres: News; Writer: Rutledge Wood Read more


Runtime - 1hours 39 minute. Director - Miguel Ángel Lamata. 2003. genres - Crime. 487 Vote Read more